Lenten Devotions

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Welcome back! Once again, it’s been my honor and privilege to edit this book, and as always, it’s been a real Joy to me. Once again, we actually got enough devotions in before I really started to panic. While it could have been my masterful pitches at the lectern, it’s more likely that the Spirit was moving us to share our encounters with God and our fellowship with each other. Whatever the reason, I think you'll be blessed again this Lent.
Once again there are no repeats of any devotions from past years. Further, you’ll note that each Sunday again features a hymn, each Saturday a Psalm.
The last couple books came out when we were buried in snow, and there were even a few devotions about Christmas. This year we’re surrounded by top-down convertibles and sunbathers (if you’ll pardon my slight hyperbole).
Once again it seems there was something in the air, or the Spirit was moving quite intentionally in our congregation. As has so often happened, a few themes emerged in our collective writings. We seem to be preoccupied with these three basic topics:
Why? (as in “Why do bad things happen to us?” and equally, “Why do good things happen to us?”),
Reaching Out in ministry to one another and to the world, actively caring for others, and
Prayer – in general and some specific musings.
I don’t know how these things happen, but I find it exciting and comforting every year.
Now, just as we have each year since reviving this Lenten tradition, we repeat the introduction from our congregation's first book of devotions of well over thirty years ago:

Keeping a true Lent requires us to be vigilant in many ways: in prayer, study, worship, sacrifice, giving, meditation, and fellowship.

One or all may take precedence, depending upon our daily commitments. From these devotions, lovingly prepared, may you find a well spring of faith to renew and sustain you, so that the Glorious Triumph that is Easter will remain with you always.

The Lenten Committee

Again, we can but say, “Amen.”

Charlie van Becelaere, Editor

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