Lenten Devotions

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Welcome back! Once again, it’s been my honor and privilege to edit this book, and as always, it’s been a real Joy to me. In a very unusual move, we actually got all the devotions in well before I started to panic or worry. Perhaps it was my masterful pitch at the lectern, or perhaps it was the fact that we took a year off, or perhaps it was that we are already missing the daily encounters we've had with our church family over the past year and a month and a day in the pages of Living Water from a Deep Well. Whatever the reason, I think you'll be blessed again this Lent.

Once again there are no repeats of any devotions from years passed. Further, you’ll note that each Sunday again features a hymn, but that this year many Saturdays serve up a new devotion, rather than a Psalm.

The last time we had a year-specific book (2014), we were buried in snow and there were a few devotions about Christmas. This year the snow may not be as apparent, but we've only just finished our Christmas and Epiphany seasons in time to jump straight into Lent – so since Doug took a crack at Epiphany, I took that as permission to include another of my Christmas writings.

Beyond those two, it was interesting to see a theme emerge in our collective writings. We seem to be preoccupied with the idea of discovering ways to serve others as a way to serve Jesus to the Glory of God. Remember the line from one of the communion liturgies: “You gave yourself for us, Lord, now we give ourselves for others.” Keep that in mind as you read these devotions this Lent.

Just as we have each year since reviving this Lenten tradition, we repeat the introduction from our congregation's first book of devotions of well over thirty years ago:

Keeping a true Lent requires us to be vigilant in many ways: in prayer, study, worship, sacrifice, giving, meditation, and fellowship.

One or all may take precedence, depending upon our daily commitments. From these devotions, lovingly prepared, may you find a well spring of faith to renew and sustain you, so that the Glorious Triumph that is Easter will remain with you always.

The Lenten Committee

Again, we can but say, “Amen.”

Charlie van Becelaere, Editor

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