What's Happening?

Farewell to Rev. Sari Brown
As we said our good-byes to Sari and her whole family, she shared a new song with the congregation:
When We Leave this Place
by Sari Brown
We come broken and beautiful
We gather the leaves falling in love
Our lives intertwine, then we get stuck in the snow
Just to be together and share a little hope
And when we leave this place
To go our own ways
We're never really pulled apart
Though we may wander and stray
In this leaving we take
We're forever together in God's heart
We dream big dreams and start out small
With potato peels and kitchen grease
With a song to sing, because he lives for us all
With a hammer pounding out justice and peace
We bring our questions to the deep
And cast them like stones into a well
While the depths of our faith remain a mystery
We break bread and make a space for love to dwell
Chorus x2