A very exciting new era in the life of GPUMC began in June 1998 when ground was broken for a new sanctuary.  In November of that year, a contract was signed with the Berghaus Organ Company of Bellwood, Illinois for a new three-manual and pedal pipe organ.  Installation took about seven weeks on-site and began in July 2000.

This organ, comprising 39 ranks of pipes, is based on a French romantic concept, and uses French nomenclature throughout.  It is a thoroughly modern instrument, including state-of-the-art electronic controls (MIDI).

The original 39 ranks has been expanded to 42, and the total number of pipes is now over 2,265, including an additional set of 25 tubular chimes.

This spectacular instrument fills the sanctuary with beautiful music, leading the choirs and congregation in worship through hymns and anthems, as well as declaring its own praise in preludes, offertories, and postludes.

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(adapted from the church history 1945-2000)