Stained Glass

Rich Buswell was born in Brookline Massachusetts in 1954. He graduated from the New England School of Art and Design in 1975. He designed stained glass from 1976 to 1986 for several large studios. He has been the Art Director at Lynchburg Stained glass since 1986.

About the Designer

The Lynchburg Stained Glass Company was founded in 1983 by Bob Speake and his two sons Mark and Jeff. Mr. Speake came to Lynchburg Virginia in 1973 to set up a stained glass department for Winebarger Church Furniture Company.  The company has grown steadily into one of the leading and most respected studios in the industry. The philosophy of the company is as follows:
  • Consult closely with the client to ascertain need 
  • Provide excellent service from the initial contact through the final installation
  • Deliver the best in quality and workmanship at the best possible price.
Currently, Lynchburg Stained Glass operates from a 10,000 square-foot modern building that houses office, studio, art and painting department, and a complete frame shop. There are seven full-time artists/designers/painters and about 20 in-house employees.
The company is a full-service studio, offering a complete range of services: custom design, fabrication, artwork, restoration and installation, custom frames and protective exterior glazing.
Lynchburg Stained Glass Co.
P. O. Box 4453
Lynchburg, VA 24502
800 237-6161 * Fax (804) 525-6168
Designer’s Statement
The committee was very much inspired by the liturgical consultant, Father Mark Joseph Costello, with whom we had worked in the past. Together they helped define how I would illustrate the various themes that would almost “float” in the windows surrounded by colorless glass. I am personally very honored to have been part of one of Gus Pappas’s most beautifully designed sanctuaries.