The season of Lent is here again, and members of the congregation of Grosse Pointe United Methodist Church are once again sharing writings for your Lenten devotions.  We'll be updating this to include a calendar of readings, as well as an RSS feed
We've made a pdf of our 2013 book which you can download here as well as ebook versions - Kindle (alternate Kindle) and epub.  Just remember - don't read ahead!  

There is a daily blog posting of the devotions, just follow this link

Here is the introduction from the 2013 book: 

Once again, it’s been my honor and privilege to edit this book, and as always, it’s been a real Joy to me. As usual, we cut it very close in getting the devotions in – as usual, much closer than I would really prefer!

One thing that was different this year as I waited for more submissions to trickle in, was that I couldn’t count on my go-to devotion guy, Ron Draper, for a couple extra devotions. Well, that’s not exactly right, I got his permission to pull out some old favorites to help fill in the empty days.

You’ll see a request for continued prayers for JeriLynn at the end of his devotion on February 19, and the whole idea of God’s presence with each of us was a thread that wove through many of this year’s devotions – and also of the hymns you’ll find here each Sunday.

We have much to treasure and celebrate in the pages of this little book; it’s hard to believe that just fifty or sixty pages can contain so many thoughts and emotions and experiences. I don’t know how it works, I just know that it does.

Just as we have each year since reviving this Lenten tradition, we repeat the introduction from our congregation's first book of devotions of well over thirty years ago:

Keeping a true Lent requires us to be vigilant in many ways: in prayer, study, worship, sacrifice, giving, meditation, and fellowship.

One or all may take precedence, depending upon our daily commitments. From these devotions, lovingly prepared, may you find a well spring of faith to renew and sustain you, so that the Glorious Triumph that is Easter will remain with you always.

The Lenten Committee

Again, we can but say, "Amen."

Charlie van Becelaere, Editor